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Why go running around dealing with multiple data vendors when you can get all of


in one simple solution?

Mosaik's Global Data Hub


How it works

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The importance of data

In today's digitised business environment, there is no shortage of data availability. However, the onus is on businesses to be able to tap into the mountain of data to make the right decisions. The ability to convert data into information, and this information into actionable insights, is the key to the success of any business.

The problem most businesses encounter in the face of data is the ability to access the right data to generate the right insights at the right time.

At Mosaik, we are driven by Mosaik's Global Data Hub takes away the headache of accessing global data, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. 




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Early Warning Platform

Our Early Warning Platform is built on a strong foundation of data, analytics and insights that allow banking organisations to receive near-real-time information on their corporate credit portfolio to make timely credit risk decisions.

Mosaik's Dynamic Risk Score

Mosaik's USP is our proprietary algorithm that synthesises data from multiple sources - external, bank and corporate - in real-time, to derive an entity's risk based on underlying and aggregate events, macro-indicators and ML/AI models

Due Diligence Platform

Operationalise your KYC (Know Your Customer) process through our automated end-to-end solution, allowing you to focus on your core capabilities. Mosaik's platform integrates data, analytics and outputs to deliver compliance reports with ease.

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