Early Warning Platform

An advanced, collaborative and interpretative platform designed to minimise the inherent information asymmetry between corporate borrowers and lenders

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Global Data Hub

Enhance the value of your EWP with Mosaik's Global Data Hub, a one-stop solution for all external data about borrowers - including corporate registry, media and macro-economic indicators. 

Mosaik's Dynamic Risk Score

Mosaik's USP is our proprietary algorithm that synthesises data from multiple sources - external, bank and corporate - in real-time, to derive an entity's risk based on underlying and aggregate events, macro-indicators and ML/AI models


Our team collectively has over 50 years of global expertise in the banking and financial services industry, making us your ideal digital transformation partner  - we undertake projects at the cusp of business and technology to help you grow revenue, lower costs and better manage risks

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Our ability to implement solution based on your requirements - public cloud, private cloud and on-premise implementations available

Get started immediately - our out-of-the-box, cloud-based solution can be set up within a week for immediate results

Open-ended architecture that allows any number of sub-systems to be integrated with solution for greater impact on business with minimal disruptions

Our implementation team consists of business as well as technology experts, providing you with a holistic solution

Key Features

Ability to customise all modules of the EWP to suit your organisation's needs at the tip of your fingers - including onboarding and off boarding of entities, set up of data sources and frequency, customised thresholds for analytics based on risk profile of entity/industry/segment, as well as channeling of outputs across various platforms

Set up of workflows as per your organisations' SOPs, with curated roles created within the application to allow for multiple levels of approval. Includes the ability to define sequence of activities to be performed in managing the borrowers being monitored on the platform, and restricting critical modules such as modifications to the analytical engine to administrative users

Advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence models built into the analytical engine, allowing for predictive analytics on performance of entities based on historical data points. Our Stress Testing module allows management to assess potential impact of key macro events at both borrower and portfolio level, such as fluctuations in forex rates, industry regulations and geographical events

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