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Humans of Mosaik- An Interview with Jayesh Patil

On this week's humans of Mosaik, we have our very own vice president of technology, Jayesh Patil sharing his journey with us. He talks about his love for technology and what led him to be where he is today. An interesting fact, he was curious about hacking security systems and realized very early on in life that to break into a system you need to know well enough how it is built. Well, that’s a controversial topic for Mosaik’s Vice President of technology!

So Jayesh, what brought you to this field of technology?

Anything related to electronics fascinated me ever since I was a child. One of my favorite hobbies would be assembling toy cars which turned into assembling laptops as I got older. There was a time I was interested in-circuit programming so I would often research and try to know more about it. I also decided to learn to program, I was inspired to do so while watching movies like ‘Batman’, & ‘The Italian job’ where at the tip of the finger, hackers would control traffic systems to create traffic jams. The creation of an intelligent system- ‘Jarvis’ from the movie ‘Ironman’ was always iconic and inspirational, it made me wonder if building this technology was even possible and drove me towards this field.

Looking back I realize, technology was always my passion and I continue to want to learn more with each day that passes by. It is indeed a vast course of study and one can never know enough!

What best prepared you for your current role at Mosaik?

I don’t think any one role prepared me for my current role at Mosaik. I have worked in many companies with experience of about 9-10 years, each with a different scope and domain. Having a passion for the field and the ability to research and grow as a person helped me with critical thinking, suitable for my current position at Mosaik.

From working in E-commerce to working at an ad agency, I have seen it all. The different roles I had to play in my previous companies had taught me to grasp different requirements as what is expected of me. It allowed me to observe and adapt to different situations and the courage to make the right decisions at the right time. I can now confidently complete the tasks assigned to me.

Tell us a little about yourself. What are your hobbies?

Pre-pandemic I would do tons of fun activities but now everything has changed and I would like to blame my lethargic behavior on this epidemic. On an ideal pre-pandemic morning, working out would be at the top of my routine followed by taking some time to pray for strength, stability, and a peaceful day. I would enjoy my one hour of some physical exercise that would keep me healthy and help me lead the day feeling fresh and energetic. Watering my plants is also on the top of my to-do list for the day.

I prefer trekking and all sorts of adventure over binge-watching a movie or a series. Fun fact- there have been times I have forgotten to watch something for days and I would then sit to watch a movie out of boredom or the fact that I haven’t watched anything for a while! Next on my bucket list is to enroll in river rafting and I can’t wait to try it out!

How has your role at Mosaik changed with time?

I joined as a senior developer and it's been over 3 years since then. I grabbed opportunities that came my way leading me to where I am today. Back then, I was appointed to lead a project which led to multiple projects with time. Rather than doing, I would take feedback seriously and get tasks done. I started solving issues and dipped into making important decisions. Besides working hours, I would spend my free time researching and made use of productive time in learning more and enhancing my skills to make myself more useful in the firm. I would encourage everyone out there to spend quality time on yourself and find ways to upgrade your current skill set, it will always be of benefit to you someday or the other.

What is the best thing that’s happened to you during this lockdown?

I would never have any of my meals on time either due to traveling or working long hours. The pandemic has allowed me to slow down and enjoy my meals at regular intervals that are made by my amazing chef- my mother. I am blessed and grateful to have access to delicious meals and appreciate being able to get my meals on time. I am probably used to it now and I am afraid there’s no going back from it.

Reaching what milestone would you consider yourself successful?

The day I believe I am successful, I will stop learning. I hate the idea of being too comfortable in my workspace. With no risk or pressure, one will stop the process of learning and hence, prevent individual growth. I take each day as a milestone, and it is important to feel like I have done justice to my work. To feel accomplished, constant growth is important in my opinion. Success doesn’t matter, peace and happiness do and if I feel content with the quality of work I do, I would consider myself successful.


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