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Humans Of Mosaik - An Interview with Pooja Kadam

Companies often say “Employees are their true asset”, and we at Mosaik Analytics truly care. Keeping this in mind we’re so excited to showcase the stories of our team members as they talk about their individual journeys and what brought them to Mosaik. We’re thrilled to be starting with our very own Pooja Kadam. She is a senior python developer on the tech team and also happens to be one of the many employees we have onboarded remotely during the global pandemic. Here, Pooja talks about her journey of being a python developer and taking on a new role at Mosaik during the pandemic.

Pooja, tell us a little about yourself?

My background has always been in technology. In my college days, I graduated with two degrees: BCOM and BCA, and I confidently excelled in both. Post my graduation I was working for larger companies in the IT space, however, early on I noticed the growing need for Python developers, this led me to study an independent online course in python development and there was no looking back from there.

I recently joined Mosaik Analytics during the pandemic as a python developer. While I had offers from large companies, I always wanted to work in a small growing company, allowing me to explore more opportunities and grow as a python developer. When Mosaik came into the picture, it was almost perfect and seemed like an ideal place to be, while it's only been 6 months since I started working here, I can confidently say I made the right decision by choosing this organization.

How did you find your place at Mosaik? How has your role changed since you joined?

After losing my job during the pandemic, I was on the lookout for a job that would allow me to grow as an individual and allow me to explore new learning opportunities along the way. Mosaik was the perfect match for me, the ideal blend of creativity and a flexible work environment. With the amount of uncertainty around us, I am grateful to find a job that adds to my career and provides me with the stability needed at this unprecedented time.

The work culture at Mosaik was something that surprised me the most. Remote working seemed like a far-out challenge for a company like Mosaik that required constant collaborative work and innovation, however, I was delighted to observe such an efficient workflow and trusting environment. Mosaik is the kind of company that trusts its employees to make decisions that they feel fit for the growth and success of the business. This resulted in a growing interest in the company's success and helped keep me motivated to deliver the best work possible.

This also meant a lot less friction and a lot more freedom for employees to explore their field and do what they deem best for the business. Continuous inputs and feedback by employees in various business decisions were essential with giving me the confidence needed to perform.

At Mosaik I am a part of the Global Data Hub team which is currently responsible for developing the GDH web app. Mosaik's Global Data Hub is a Data Marketplace that connects data vendors to consumers, through a standardized, processed approach to data consumption. In a time where unstructured data is the cause for 95% of problems for businesses, I feel honoured to be responsible for developing a platform that is creating a marketplace to solve the problem of data consumption.

What’s your favorite part about working at Mosaik?

I believe Mosaik ensures a safe space for its employees and makes every employee feel like they belong here. Within almost one week of joining, I was given access to all databases which expresses a level of trust in the employee. Encouraging remote working, flexible working hours, provision of laptops, and work-from-home allowance enables the employees to work harder and stay motivated.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

To be fair, my favorite thing to do is to come up with creative ways to solve challenging problems which is a key requirement of my work at Mosaik and also why I enjoy working. One of the most cathartic feelings is when I’ve spent a long day trying to solve a python problem, and I end up doing so successfully. However apart from work I love listening to music and catch up on tv shows. I also believe in utilizing spare time to gain some knowledge, in the 21st century when knowledge is so easily accessible I enjoy trying out different online courses which helps with my personal growth.

Any particular skill that you would recommend for everyone to learn?

I believe during these difficult times, it is important to upgrade yourself and keep yourself busy. Important skills that every individual must enhance would be personality development, team building, communication skills. While these skills are essential to develop the hunger and drive to learn is of utmost importance. These are all life lessons that one must reflect upon to grow as an individual.

At reaching which milestone would you consider yourself to be successful?

Every individual has a different definition of success. For me, when I am truly satisfied with my job and continuously upgrade myself with upcoming technologies, I will feel content. It is a constant process to work on yourself, keep up with the latest innovations and stay on the top of your game at all times. It is also important for me to feel happy and content with the work I am doing in order to feel accomplished. Along with this, on a personal level being economically stable is also of utmost importance.


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