The strength of our whole exists in the sum of our parts

Much like a mosaic, the team at Mosaik Analytics comes together from various professional backgrounds and global experiences, to work together  in helping our clients paint a picture of their business using data and analytics

Our Leadership Team

Srini Vishnubhatla

Founder & CEO


Srinivas Vishnubhatla, “Srini” has a wide range of people, process and technology skills and experience in assisting global firms manage risks of globalization, digitization, and complex regulations. Over the last decade, whilst with KPMG LLP in New York, he has assisted clients preventing, detecting and responding to incidents and allegations of fraud, corruption, money laundering and other financial misconduct.

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Pani Avula



Pani has around 16 years of experience in designing medium to large scale modern applications. As an architect, designed highly scalable enterprise products, middleware applications in higher education and investment banking domain related to content management, back office processing etc.

Expertise in artificial intelligence, cloud architecture with distributed micro services and systems integration.

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Vig Kannan

Head of Products

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Vig has over 15 years of experience in multiple areas of technology including development of banking systems, ERP implementations, IT consulting, IT risk advisory and database management. Having commenced his career in Sydney, Australia, he’s also worked in Singapore, New Zealand and India.

In addition to his core technical expertise, Vig has also been involved in multiple facets of business management including learning & development, recruitment, financial management and sales/business development.

Jayesh Patil

Technology Manager


Jayesh has an overall 6 years of experience in diverse areas of technology ranging from development of mobile applications, e-commerce portal development, HRMS solutions and exposure into SQL and No-SQL database management. Competent in latest and popular programming languages namely Python, PHP, Java, Node JS and also well versed with databases like MongoDB, Redshift, Postgres SQL etc.

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Karunesh Singh

Head of Data


Karunesh Singh has an overall 8 years of experience in research and advisory focused roles across multiple domains such as market research, consumer behavior, strategic management, due diligence, business intelligence, information risk, corporate investigations, data and knowledge management and business process automation. Applying his reasoning and investigative skills of drawing insights from process based research in real life situations he has consulted medium enterprises in areas ranging from procurement, sales, risk management and business development.

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Suresh Kumar

Project Manager


Suresh has an overall 7 years of experience in various roles in Information Technology, Finance and Data Analytics for product and services companies.  Seeing the bigger picture is his routine. He specializes in management consultancy, business development and large scale project management. His primary goal is to secure success in every project by ensuring:  efficient communication between the client and the development team;  timelines being set and deadlines met; quick turn around of support on any issues.

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Hari Rajagopalachari

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Tim Hedley

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Frank Wendt

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Anand Sharma

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Mukesh Bajaj

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Prabhakar Jayade

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Our Advisory Board