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It is a capital mistake to theorize

before you have all the evidence,


It biases the judgement


Mosaik's Investigations Platform integrates key elements of data, analytics, judgement and reporting to simplify your organisation's investigation needs.

The Role of Technology in Investigations

The volume, variety and velocity of data facing investigators is increasing rapidly; information is usually of poor quality and held in disparate data stores. Making sense of this data and quickly understanding the underlying connections are critical for any investigation or intelligence development activity.


To succeed in this environment, investigation teams need modern tools capable of joining and interpreting huge quantities of data, generating effective alerts and detecting anomalies in an effective and efficient manner.

data landscape.png

Access to data, both public and non-public, is a critical component of any investigation. 

The seamless integration between our investigation platform and Mosaik's Global Data Hub allows your organisation to focus on the more important processes of data analysis; while we take care of the data integration and presentation layers.


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